Dear Anna, I'ts just impossible for me to express what I felt looking at your gallery. It's amazing. Your talent is huge and I didn't know you paint!!!! I bookmark your site for sure and feel very much inspired by it! I am so glad you painted again. Thanks for the happy stat with the link, so I could see! Nancy x
Nancy - 2 August 2010
Is it yours too
Very nice site!
alexk224 - 30 March 2010
I love the apple paintings. You can really feel the sun on your skin.
Eva - 5 May 2009
so cool
Amazing work, I love it.
Vikki - 7 December 2008
beautiful light
i love the way you are playing with light and dark - i think my fave piece is the self portrait with blue light 1
sean - 6 May 2008
Incredibly good.
Peter - 4 March 2008
Good Works!
Hi Anna, Very good Job , i like it very much your works... Congratulations!!! Marks - 2 Feb 2008 Brazil
Adrian Marks - 2 February 2008
You are a friggin great artist. I am in eigth grade & I am very interested in art and I am teaching myself the basics of painting and sketch. You are a great inspiration to me. Thanks. :)
Christina - 25 January 2008
Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work
Alex D - 28 October 2007
Hi Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
Loui - 23 September 2007
i lokimikoj
Hi Great site. Keep doing.
lokimikoj - 22 September 2007
the gift
wonderful piece of work
Alun - 7 August 2007
Hello I am Lucy, I have found your website while searching for some info at Google. Your site has helped me in a big way. Bye
fotinorod - 7 July 2007
great page
great page, congratulations! :)
Peter - 9 June 2007
nice style
i love the "homemade" look that you've given the pages
dawn - 8 June 2007
You did it!
Well, its been a long time since we were in the smoking room at college you with your sketch pad always catching a moment, you are truely talented, and what a wonderful site you have. Your work has inspired me. Tasha :D
Tasha - 31 May 2007
good work
glad I dropped in
Paul Whitman - 29 May 2007
great site!
wow, congratulations!
Vanessa - 23 May 2007
To Viktor
You can find some tips written by me here: and here: email me at if you have further questions, i will do my best to help you.
Anna - 10 May 2007
how to make such kind of light? my oil is always being dim (? sorry my bad english) please consider to make tips webpage.
viktor - 10 May 2007
Bonjour Anna, je suis aussi peintre portraitiste, je vous écris juste un petit mots pour vous dire que j'aime votre peinture. A bientôt, Aldéhy.
Aldéhy - 9 May 2007
My name is Anna Greaves too and I love your paintings and one day would like to grow up to be like you (as i'm only 9 years old) from Anna
Anna Greaves - 30 April 2007
Hey Anna, I just love your work! Wish I wasn't a poor student ;) Hope to see you soon!
Alex Rouw - 30 March 2007
Wow - I am stunned. your work is beautiful. I just wish I could afford you!!!
Lindsay Prior - 28 March 2007
A friend on Deviant Art sent me a link to your site. Thanks for putting up such beautiful work in oils - it has inspired me to try the medium again.
Veronica - 6 March 2007
Good site
wow your god
gomer - 27 February 2007
(no relation)
Love your work Anna! You do the name of Greaves proud!
Susannah Greaves - 12 February 2007
Great Paintings!
I went to school with you and found you on freinds reunited and had to have a look at your website and was not disappointed! Love your painting titled "The gift" very good work!
Ian Giles - 4 February 2007
Nice work
I really like your site. It's very beautifully done. The paintings are very nice too. I have to say I'm impressed by your talent :)
John D - 3 February 2007
Your work brings up a range of emotions in me. How do you make the negative space have such an impact on the figures?
Valery - 30 January 2007
That's different
Very interesting and very pretty website. :) Good luck and keep up good work. Darina
Darinachka - 14 January 2007
Thanks again, Anna. Your website is beautifully done, too.
Susan Duly - 4 January 2007
wonderful light
I am most impressed with your use of chiaroscuro. Very skillful work.
John Davis - 4 January 2007
Thanks you for your work.
Very Interesting Thanks you for your work. Best regards.
alexdixisa - 2 January 2007
Best regards ss a
Hello Thank you for your site Resp. And Happy New Year. Bye
lindavids - 30 December 2006
thats incredible
Anna, How do I start to learn to paint like that?
Rick - 28 December 2006
about your site
Hi! Nice info, big thx.
NickySS - 24 December 2006
Great Work!
Saw you on deviant art - I like your work. Thanks for the Fav!
Vincent Brown - 23 December 2006
beautiful website
Dear Anna, you are a great inspiration to me. I especially like the painting of Kiki (she is my colleague). It's very good!
Rob - 15 December 2006
A great update on the site, really looks amazing, and so do your new paintings..... Looking forward to seeing more ! David
David - 5 December 2006
Great site, I really like the way it came out :)
WarpedOrbit - 1 December 2006
Dear Anna, what a gift to be able to create such beauty. Please keep on making such amazing pieces!
Dylan - 30 November 2006
Your site looks amazing. But it sort of has to, doens't it, to do your paintings justice? You're amazingly talented.
Kiki - 30 November 2006
Stunning verisimilitude
Photo realism to this humble writer represents the penultimate of artistic achievement of paint to canvas. Nicely achieved. More, please.
Rob - 29 November 2006
This site really does your work the justice it deserves, it was quite a wait but definitely worth it.
Will - 29 November 2006
Very nice!
love the new pieces!
Jevos - 29 November 2006
Looks great!
Hi :) The sites looks great! Keep up the good work
Wubinator - 29 November 2006
Everything is looking great! Well done!
Mike - 29 November 2006